MIS - SHIFTS Car Club Inc
 Color Guard @  MIS-SHIFTS Car Show
The Mis-Shifts Car Club originated in 1966 and was resurrected in 2006 by its founders, Gerry Cook, & Bob Pataky. The Mis-Shifts is an active car club involved in club activities, donations to local charities, and community services. Please come and join us.                                                                                                                       Webmaster  Bob Pataky
The Mis - Shifts Car Club is dedicated to enjoying classic cars and hot rods. We cruise every Wednesday night at
the beautiful Illinois Beach State Park - Lodge & Conference Center parking area 5:00 pm to Dusk. Come Join Us near the beautiful Lake Michigan shores!!!! Featuring $ 2 sandwich for club members and $3.00 for the general public , Music, Raffles and 50 /50 provided by the

2014 membership fees are due 4/1/14, any one wishing to pay by mail send to:
​Roger Hanks or myself! Please send self addressed stamped envelope and we will send you your current members card. Please do not let your dues expire, and be deleted as a member. $5.00 late fee once you are removed from our directory, and e-mail list.

Mail To:

Roger Hanks                     ​     Bob Pataky
1111 Ten Pin Ln                    3014 Highland Ct.
Beach Park, IL 60099           Winthrop Harbor, IL 60096

Make checks payable to Mis-Shifts Car Club $15.00

REMEMBER-to receive members discounts you must be an active member, and have a current membership card. Participating businesses may ask to see your card. Just one month of storage pays for your dues!